Bi-White Installation

Our new Bi-white recessed fixtures can only use our DMX-SR2112 driver. Every load for the Bi-whites require two ports from the DMX-SR2112, hence the name 'Bi-white'. Depending on the power requirements of the light fixture being installed, between 1 to 4 luminaires can be installed on the same load.

With the use of our A and B splitters, you won't need to run a cable for each separate load. Using the splitters, you can put two loads on the same cat cable while utilizing 4 channels on the DMX-SR2112. (See Diagrams below for examples)


When connecting two PS-SR2112-96, make sure to connect one PS-SR2112-96 to the top of the DMX-SR2112 and one to the bottom. Also, when using two PS-SR2112-96 power supplies, make sure to set the side switch to "2PS" on the DMX-SR2112. This helps distribute the current evenly and stay UL certified.

There are many different ways to connect your Bi-white lights to our DMX-SR2112. You can pick one depending on how you want to set up your light loads and how you want to run your cables.

9W-BI Hookup

Used in the TB-Series and the VB-Series. Make sure to set the DMX-SR2112 to 200mA.

One 9W-BI One Cable

Two 9W-BI One Cable

Three 9W-BI One Cable

Four 9W-BI One Cable

Twelve 9W-BI Three Cables

9W-BR Hookup

One 9W-BR One Cable

Two 9W-BR One Cable

Three 9W-BR One Cable

Four 9W-BR One Cable

Twelve 9W-BR Three Cables

Venus Hookup

Make sure to set the DMX-SR2112 to 200mA.

One Venus One Cable

Two Venus Two Cable

Two Venus One Cable

Five Venus Three Cable

Six Venus Three Cable

Bianca 24W Hookup

Since the Bianca's require more power, only a single Bianca can be powered for every 2 channels on a DMX-SR2112. You may use the A and B splitters to power two Biancas with a single cat cable (See diagrams below).

One Bianca One Cable

Two Biancas Two Cables

Two Biancas One Cable

Six Biancas Three Cable With Extender

Last Updated: 11/22/2019, 4:25:29 PM