Bi-White Installation

Our new Bi-white recessed fixtures can only use our DMX-SR2112 driver. Every load for the Bi-whites require two ports from the DMX-SR2112, hence the name 'Bi-white'. Depending on the power requirements of the light fixture being installed, between 1 to 4 luminaires can be installed on the same load.

With the use of our A and B splitters, you won't need to run a cable for each separate load. Using the splitters, you can put two loads on the same cat cable while utilizing 4 channels on the DMX-SR2112. (See Diagrams below for examples)


When connecting two PS-SR2112-96, make sure to connect the PS-SR2112-96 on opposite sides of the DMX-SR2112. Also when using two PS-SR2112-96 power supplies, make sure to set the side switch to "2PS" on the DMX-SR2112. This helps distribute the current evenly and stay UL certified.

There are many different ways to connect your Bi-white lights to our DMX-SR2112. You can pick one depending on how you want to set up your light loads and how you want to run your cables.

9W-BI Hookup

Used in the T Bianca Series and the V Bianca Series. Make sure to set the DMX-SR2112 to 200mA.

One 9W-BI One Cable

Two 9W-BI One Cable

Three 9W-BI One Cable

Four 9W-BI One Cable

Twelve 9W-BI Three Cables

Venus Hookup

Make sure to set the DMX-SR2112 to 200mA.

One Venus One Cable

Two Venus Two Cable

Two Venus One Cable

Six Venus Three Cable

Bianca 24W Hookup

Since the Bianca's require more power, only a single Bianca can be powered for every 2 channels on a DMX-SR2112. You may use the A and B splitters to power two Biancas with a single cat cable (See diagrams below).

One Bianca One Cable

Two Biancas Two Cables

Two Biancas One Cable

Six Biancas Three Cable

Last Updated: 2/5/2019, 3:27:39 PM