About Luminaries

Depending on the size of the room and the utility of the room you are designing for, we provide different luminaires for almost all your needs. Different luminaires at different heights will be able to provide different levels of lumens. With this, we will be able to determine how many luminaires a specific room will require and from there you’ll be able to decide where you would like to place the luminaires. Once the luminaires are installed, you will need to connect them to our DMX drivers and from there connect the drivers to the Colorbeam gateway to be able to control them however you like.

Luminaries are offered in RGB or Bi White.


Incandescent Light BulbsCompact Fluorescents
Wattage9 Watts / 254 lm50 Watts6 Watts
18 Watts / 586 lm75 Watts13 Watts
36 Watts / 1021 lm100 Watts18.75 Watts
Life Span50 000 hours1200 hours8000 hours
Hazardous materialNoNoYes (5mg mecury/bulb)
Heat EmittedLow (3 btu/hour)Medium (15 btu/hour)High (85 btu/hour)
Replacement Frequency1505

*Comparisons may differ depending on products and manufacturers

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