LED Tapes

Colorbeam offers a large variety of programmable self-adhesive flexible LED tapes. They are extremely discreet with their compact size and very bright with low power consumption. They are very versatile in all applications: residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, etc.
LED tapes are ideal to enhance and accent textures, architectural elements, art work, walls, alcoves, cabinets, work stations, store fronts, stairs, railings and stage décors. The possibilities are endless. Our tapes are available in an IP68 option for outdoor architectural lighting. Please specify when purchasing if you would like the tapes in IP68.

Our tapes are made to go in LED tape light tracks to diffuse heat, keep them in place, and make them more visually appealing.

LED Tape Light Chart in Feet

LED Tape Strips

TypeColor OutputLumens OutputPower Requirements
TAPE-30-RGBRed, Blue and Green187 Lm/ft2.2 Watts/Foot
TAPE-60-RGBRed, Blue and Green375 Lm/ft4.32 Watts/Foot
TAPE-60-RGBWRed, Blue, Green and White875 Lm/ft4.32 Watts/Foot
TAPE-60-WWhite375-450 Lm/ft4.4 Watts/Foot
TAPE-60-W-UHPWhite781 Lm/ft7.5 Watts/Foot
TAPE-60-W-CC4.5White375-450 Lm/ft4.5 Watts/Foot
TAPE-120-WWhite262-300 Lm/ft2.88 Watts/Foot
TAPE-120-BITunable White262-300 Lm/ft2.88 Watts/Foot
TAPE-120-W-CC2.5White262-300 Lm/ft2.5 Watts/Foot
TAPE-120-W-CC7.2White900 Lm/ft7.2 Watts/Foot
TAPE-144-W-UHPWhite900 Lm/ft8 Watts/Foot
TAPE-256-BITunable White323 Lm/ft5.85 Watts/Foot
TAPE-240-RGBRed, Blue and Green229 Lm/ft2.92 Watts/Foot

LED Tape Light Chart in Meters

TypeColor OutputLumens OutputPower Requirements
TAPE-30-RGBRed, Blue and Green600 Lm/M7.2 Watts/M
TAPE-60-RGBRed, Blue and Green1200 Lm/M14.4 Watts/M
TAPE-60-RGBWRed, Blue, Green and White2800 Lm/M14.4 Watts/M
TAPE-60-WWhite1200-1440 Lm/M14.4 Watts/M
TAPE-60-W-UHPWhite2500 Lm/M25 Watts/M
TAPE-60-W-CC4.5White1200-1440 Lm/M14.4 Watts/M
TAPE-120-WWhite840-960 Lm/M9.6 Watts/M
TAPE-120-BITunable White840-960 Lm/M9.6 Watts/M
TAPE-120-W-CC2.5White840-960 Lm/M9.6 Watts/M
TAPE-120-W-CC7.2White2880 Lm/M24 Watts/M
TAPE-144-W-UHPWhite2880 Lm/M27 Watts/M
TAPE-256-BITunable White1034 Lm/M9.6 Watts/M
TAPE-240-RGBRed, Blue and Green731.52 Lm/M52 Watts/M
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