# RGBW Installation

Our new RGBW recessed fixtures can only use our DMX-SR2112 driver. Every load for the RGBW require four ports from the DMX-SR2112.


When connecting two PS-SR2112-96, make sure to connect one PS-SR2112-96 to the top of the DMX-SR2112 and one to the bottom. Also, when using two PS-SR2112-96 power supplies, make sure to set the side switch to "2 PS" on the DMX-SR2112. This helps distribute the current evenly and stay UL certified.

Make sure to set the DMX-SR2112 to 200mA.

# 10W RGBW Hookup

Eight 10w RGBW Two Cables

Twelve 10w RGBW Three Cables

# 20W RGBW Hookup

Four 20w RGBW two Cables

Six 20w RGBW Three Cables

Last Updated: 8/5/2020, 3:33:50 PM