# Crestron®

# Driver

Download and install the Crestron® drivers.

Download from the links provided below.

Download Here - Version 1.41

# Driver Explanation

This zip file is a SIMPL archive that can be imported directly into SIMPL Windows using the "Import Archived Program..." option (located in the SIMPL Windows's File menu). Once imported, you will notice 3 Colorbeam modules.

The Load Module; which can directly control a single lighting load setup in a Colorbeam GATEway processor.

The Keypad module; which is used to press the buttons of a virtual keypad setup in a Colorbeam GATEway processor. This is especially useful to recall scenes created in the GATEway.

The Touch Panel module; this module is meant for Crestron® touch panels and allows for control of individual lighting loads and call virtual keypads via touch panels. Within the archive, you will also find a .vtp file, which is meant to be used as an example of a Crestron® touch panel interface that is used with the touch screen module.

Each module needs to be joined to a TCP/IP Client module that connects to a Colorbeam GATEway processor IP address using port 3333.

(See the respected modules documentation for a explanation of each input and output of the module.)

# Older Drivers



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