# Lutron®

# Connecting to Lutron® Smart Bridge PRO

There are no files for this driver. Our Gateway can connect directly to a Lutron® Caesta Smart Bridge PRO, a QS Processor or a RA2 Processor

  • Create credentials in Lutron® system

  • Then go to : Gateway Configuration page -> Tools -> Lutron® and enter ip, username & password for Lutron®

Lutron® Login

  • Once the Gateway can properly connect to your Lutron® device, you will see a 'Lutron® heartbeat' and a 'connection successful' on the Gateway log page.

# Assigning button presses

Once the Gateway can connect to your Lutron® device, the Gateway will listen for key presses on the Lutron® system. When you press anyone of these buttons, the log will indicate a series of numbers, delimited by commas, to indicate which keypad and which button was pressed.


~DEVICE 4,3,3

The first number represents the id of the Lutron® keypad and the second number represents the id of the button for the same keypad. Knowing these two numbers is all you need to assign a button from a Colorbeam virtual keypad to a Lutron® Keypad.

Let's reuse the example above. If the Lutron® log gives us '4,3,3' when you press a button on a Lutron® keypad, then the Colorbeam virtual keypad integration id needs to be '4' and one of it's buttons needs an id '3'. This will make it so every time that Lutron® button is pressed, the assigned Colorbeam button is also pressed.

Make sure the log your using has only 3 digits and not any other quantity. Lutron® integration ids must be greater or equal to 13, as per Lutron's® standard. We don't acknowledge keypads with id's less than 13.

# Step-by-step Video

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