Control 4

Colorbeam Drivers for Composer

You may find the drivers required for Control 4 Composer Application by following the link below. These files will need to be added to your Composer to be able to control Colorbeam LED lights.

CBNA IP Manager

CBNA Keypad

CBNA Dimmer

CBNA Touch Panel

Installing Composer drivers

To add the the Colorbeam NA driver to composer

  1. Download files (make sure they have the .c4z extension)

  2. Open folder the Control 4 drivers folder

  3. Copy files downloaded into drivers folder

  4. Restart Composer

Connecting to Colorbeam Gateway

Once the drivers loaded, in Composer, the first module you will need to add is the CBNA IP Manager.

Once added, in Composer, go to the network tab, select "CBNA IP MANAGER" and enter the ip of your Gateway.


We recommend setting a static IP for your Gateway, so you don't have any issues in case the DHCP address changes. Instructions to set a static IP can be found here.

Once setup, double check in Composer that the Control 4 Processor and Gateway are communicating by selecting the network manager.

Adding and Calling a Colorbeam Key Pad

Once the IP Manager is installed and working, you can now add Colorbeam Keypads. These keypads represent the virtual keypads configured in the Gateway.

Once you added the Colorbeam Keypad to a room, set it's Device ID number to the same integration id number found in the Gateway configuration page. Note that you will need set a integration id yourself for your keypad on Gateway's the configuration page.

Then once the device id was set, you can call on of the keypad's buttons in any Control 4 script you create with Composer.

Adding Dimmers

To be completed.

Interactive Colorbeam page on Control 4 Touch Panel

To be completed.

Control 4 Comfort -> enable CBNA when selecting the room

Set with CBNA TP : <Gateway IP>:8889

Last Updated: 11/13/2018, 8:05:52 PM