Connecting to Lutron Smart Bridge PRO

There are no files for this driver. Our Gateway can connect directly to a Lutron Caesta Smart Bridge PRO, a QS Processor or a RA2 Processor

  • Create credentials in Lutron system

  • Then go to : Gateway Configuration page -> Tools -> Lutron and enter ip, username & password for Lutron

Lutron Login

  • Once the Gateway can properly connect to your Lutron device, you will see a 'Lutron heartbeat' and a 'connection successful' on the Gateway log page.

Assigning button presses

Once the Gateway can connect to your Lutron device, the Gateway will listen for key presses on the Lutron system. When you press anyone of these buttons, the log will indicate a series of numbers, delimited by commas, to indicate which keypad and which button was pressed.


~DEVICE 4,3,3

The first number represents the id of the Lutron keypad and the second number represents the id of the button for the same keypad. Knowing these two numbers is all you need to assign a button from a Colorbeam virtual keypad to a Lutron Keypad.

Let's reuse the example above. If the Lutron log gives us '4,3,3' when you press a button on a Lutron keypad, then the Colorbeam virtual keypad integration id needs to be '4' and one of it's buttons needs an id '3'. This will make it so every time that Lutron button is pressed, the assigned Colorbeam button is also pressed.

Make sure the log your using has only 3 digits and not any other quantity. Lutron integration ids must be greater or equal to 13, as per Lutron's standard. We don't acknowledge keypads with id's less than 13.

Last Updated: 11/13/2018, 8:05:52 PM